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Below are some types of Construction Rollers ESP supplies

ESP offers a wide range of services in the construction industry. The relationships that have been established with large corporations such as TEREX, DYNAPAC, ATLAS COPCO and more, allow ESP to supply projects with any machinery for such great prices.
ESP has access to a wide variety of Compactors, which are divided into three main categories. The Roller Type (used for compacting crushed rock), Plate Compactor (used for creating a level grade) and the Jumping Jack Compactor, used to compact the backfill in narrow trenches.

Pedestrian operated

  • Rammer (bounce up and down)
  • Walk-behind plate compactor/light
  • Walk-behind plate compactor/heavy (with reverse)
  • Trench roller (manual unit or radio-frequency remote control)
  • Walk-behind roller/light (single drum)
  • Walk-behind roller/heavy (double drum)

Ride-on Smooth Finish

  • Tandem drum (static)
  • Tandem drum (vibrating)
  • Single drum roller (smooth)
  • Pneumatic-tyred Roller, a.k.a. rubber tyre or multi-wheel
  • Combination roller (single row of tyres and a steel drum)
  • Three point roller (steam rollers are usually three-point)

Ride-on soil/landfill

  • Single drum roller (soil)
  • 4-wheel (soil/landfill)
  • 3-point (soil/landfill)
  • Tandem drum (soil/landfill)
  • Three point roller (steam rollers are usually three-point)

Construction Rollers

• Tractor-mounted and tractor-powered
• Drawn rollers or towed rollers
• Impact compactor
• Drum roller with rubber coated drum for asphalt compaction
• Log skidder converted to compactor for landfill
• Wheel loader converted to compactor for landfill

Variations and features

On some machines, the drums may be filled with water on site to achieve the desired weight. When empty, the lighter machine is easier and cheaper to transport between work sites. On pneumatic tyre rollers the body may be ballasted with water or sand, or for extra compaction wet sand is used. Modern tyre rollers may be filled with steel ballast, which gives a more even balance for better compaction.

TIre roller types

TIre rollers are available in widths ranging up to 2.7 metres (8.9 ft),with between 7 and 11 wheels (e.g. 3 wheels at front, 4 at back): 7 and 8 wheel types are normally used in Europe and Africa; 9 and 11 in America; and any type in Asia.

Very heavy tire rollers are used to compact soil.

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We Supply A full range of services which include

Sourcing quality materials and products at low prices


Provide competitive marine and air cargo insurance.


Consolidate warehouse and ship orders and cargo.


Worldwide packaging and shipment of LTD cargo.


Photo-documentation of all hi value shipments.


Handle all forwarding agent requirements.


What We Specialize In


Cranes provide the most innovative, advanced and comprehensive range of lifting solutions, with products that have long set the standard for excellence worldwide: Grove mobile telescoping cranes, Manitowoc lattice boom crawler cranes, Potain tower cranes, National Crane boom trucks and Shuttlelift industrial cranes.


PALFINGER North America has become a market leader in the design and manufacturing of knuckle boom cranes, forestry / recycling cranes and truck-mounted forklifts. We provide  Knuckle Boom CranesForestry & Scrap CranesTruck Mounted Forklifts and  Large Aerial Lifts from Palfinger.

Atlas Copco Drilling

Atlas Copco Drilling Solutions manufacturers and markets a wide range of drilling equipment used in surface mining, exploration, construction, water well, aggregate, and shallow oil and gas applications around the world. ESP supplies Dynapac division, Ingersoll Rand Drilling Solutions, rock drills, air and gas compressors, concrete Equipment, Light towers, Compaction and Concrete Equipment, demolition equipment, tools and much more.